Forcing SMTP authentication

Hi, thanks for developing this great software.

However, it looks like MIAB isn’t requiring authentication to send mail via SMTP. Is there a way to force this? I can’t see it the settings or in the help docs.

Perhaps you could provide some example of this behaviour??? Because this is not the standard behaviour.

Thanks for your reply @alento. I’m basing it off Mac Mail’s Connection Doctor. For SMTP it says login not required.

Ahh, I am going to bet that it will require a correct password to send … you can connect, for example:

telnet 587

You will connect to the SMTP server … but to actually send a message you will have to send the correct password/user at message submission time.

Ah, I see. I was just worried I was going to have people relaying spam through through my setup! Thanks for clarifying.

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