Forcing DNS server changes nameservers and cannot resolve to complete install

EDIT: This is on a managed LAN with multiple public IPs with mx setup for many (we are looking to migrate to mailinabox, we understand DNS mailrouting and PTR records)
How is the host supposed to resolve any web sites when clearly after the NSD installation it changes the namservers to loopback ?
I’m trying to install on a VM in a LAN is it not possible to full (complete) install and NOT require open port 53 inbound outbound till after getting to the installation ? Or how to fake this and stop DNS install changing the name servers … If this solution is for people who have little tech knowledge why open up 53 inbound into their networks when they will have zero clue how dangerous that is…I guess the response is “do it in the cloud on VPS let the cloud supplier worry about that.”
Install fails on roundcube “unable to resolve Install fails at various other points depending on when DNS is needed to download a patch or anything, its all temp failures or revolves around dns name resolution…
cat /etc/hosts box
cat /etc/resolv.conf

Figured it out - should have thought more clearly - run the installation until first failure IF you have resolution issues due to your setup (perhaps already have DNS servers or stricter firewall…) then find the following script file /mailinabox/setup/ and edit it
echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.conf
edit to
echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.conf
Change back after you’ve finished the install …
I’ll be altering the DNS server to suit our particular needs.

This is a perfect example of why we do not support running MiaB on anything other than a VPS (or dedi).

Thank you for sharing this for those who are brave enough to go down this unsupported path.

Yes I must be insane wanting to run a mailhost behind NAT … what a lunatic !

Mail-in-a-Box is indended to be an easy turnkey solution for “normal” users who want to run their own mailserver.

Normal users usually don’t have a home Internet connection that meets the requirements to run a mail server. Besides, even advanced users often lack the knowledge to set everything up properly, even if their Internet connection does meet the requirements. Therefore, Mail-in-a-Box provides everything needed for a proper setup, including an authoritative name server (which you don’t have to use btw) in order to provide all the necessary DNS records out of of the box.

If you need more control and customization options, there are other soulutions out there that are probably better suited. However, they also tend to be more complex to set up and maintain.

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