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I am running a server on a droplet on digitalocean. Unfortunately the IP I got was listed in spamhaus and it is rather problematic to get it unlisted from there as it is part of a whole blocked /24 ip block.
Instead I have added a so-called floating IP to my box which basically means an extra IP address that gives access to my server.
I would now like to change MIAB to use that IP address instead. As it is not the IP listed for my eth0 (and it will not be possible to do so) I then have no idea as to how to get MIAB to use that ip address instead (i know how to change the domain, DNS etc to use the new IP - just not MIAB itself).

Is this possible in any way?

Hi, I have researched a couple of solutions for you.
1] Set an environment variable

Run these two things in succession
export PUBLIC_IP=
mailinabox -e

(of course replace that IP with what you want)

The -e will force the setup script to use your environment variable. You may also wish to set PRIVATE_IP.

2] Force the variables into /etc/mailinabox.conf
Since you have previously run setup, if you update the IPs in this file and rerun
I think it will pick up the values you provide to it.

Let us know if it works for you.

the environment method seemed to do the job. Now I just need to change the glue-records for the different domains

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