Force a single record update?

Sorry about the confusion before, I did finally get godaddy support to tell me I needed to update the hostnames for the name server. Why? I have no idea.

Anyway, I accidently forgot to remove the confusing postfix on my mx record before changing default name servers.

So instead of:
It reads

Is there anyway to change the ttl in miab from 86400 to 600 seconds or something?


If you’re trying to make your DNS propagate more quickly, updating the TTL at this stage is too late, and you’ll need to wait the time.

If you’re not familiar with why, you might want to investigate how caching works and what the TTL value is.

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Because GoDaddy is stupid and calls “glue records” ‘hostnames’ … why? I have no idea as ‘hostnames’ are something else entirely.

It doesn’t matter. Add the missing . and your DNS will update quickly - only senders who did a lookup while the MX record was incorrect will have a delay.

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I will give this a go. Thanks.