Fixing Spamhaus

I’ve updated to 0.5 and suddenly I see my backup mail not being received anymore
as the server is @home and this IP is within a block blocked by spamhaus by default (which I cannot control) I need to whitelist it

Even if you use whitelist features in spamassassin that won’t work as it is in postfix blocked

The solution is (for me) creating a file with the rbl_override info and to change (back) as I forgot that I did it some months ago
the with this line

My solution was outcommented (probably) by the update

smtpd_recipient_restrictions=permit_sasl_authenticated,permit_mynetworks,check_client_access hash:/etc/postfix/rbl_override,reject_rbl_client,reject_unlisted_recipient,check_policy_service inet:

Do you mean that your server is inside of your house, and the IP address of the server is on a Spamhaus blacklist?

nope my server runs at digitalocean, but it will not accept any mail from my own home delivered to myself

I have some proxmox servers wanting to send mail and those proxmox servers are at my home address… I need to allow my IP to be able to send/deliver the mail and to be accepted. as there is no real option for a sendmail configuration with username/password etc.
So it tries to deliver but my home address is by default in spamhaus and you cannot whitelist it other than I previous stated (or there must be something else what is possible)

I only know of a few options:

  1. Review postfix parameters to figure out how to create local whitelists and list that BEFORE the blacklist in /etc/postfix/

  2. Remove references to spamhaus blacklists in /etc/postfix/

(For the above two, be prepared to restore the config after ever MiaB update.)

  1. Install to the servers a relay-only mail transport, such as nullmailer (which is also sendmail compliant).

  2. Create a local mail relay.

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