First time setting up

Good evening fellows, I have watched the guide on how to set it up however I do have one question regarding the version of ubuntu,droplet and mail in a box

Is it ok if I use ubuntu 18.04.6 also does anyone have tips on how to properly manage the email I would like to start with a base of 300 users and can i use a raspberry to keep the server on 24/7?

If you have any tips or advices please let me know

Thank you very much.

Yes, 18.04.6 (or any later version of 18.04) will work.

300 simultaneous active users may not be possible with MiaB due to limitations related to SQLite.

I’m not clear there is a Raspberry Pi that can handle 300 users, and it will require a reasonably robust internet connection.

I’ve run mailinabox on Raspberry Pi previously during different tests and restored a backup version of my main box so I could make a how-to that I haven’t finished yet. It does work.

Regarding 300 users… I agree with @openletter here it might be a problem, I have around 40 users and hundreds of aliases. I think the number of aliases I use might be causing some issues from time to time. Most importantly though I had 2 core 4 GB virtual server running my box until I got to around 20 years and then I needed to upgrade. So you might be able to upgrade enough to make things mostly work, but at some point you will run into issues.

I will try with 20 users and like you said some dozens of alias. But again this is my first server so I am still learning on what to do and what not to

Btw thank you for the advices.

I too have run MIAB on a Pi. There are a couple of non-standard things you’ll need to do, to get a working install, see