Firewall block potentially?

I’m having difficulty connecting to my box from my home internet connection. I’m wondering if it somehow got blocked by the firewall on the server? Is there a way to clear the firewall rules, or list them out and remove anything that may have been added?


I highly doubt that the firewall is the issue as it only blocks and allows access to specific ports on a ‘permanent’ basis.

More likely the culprit could be fail2ban.

I suggest that you check the fail2ban log and see if there are any entries which include your IP.

sudo less /var/log/fail2ban.log

Fail2ban is configured to temporarily ban an IP address if there are 5 unsuccessful login attempts within 10 minutes. The ban is a 10 minute ban.

it looks like my ip has been put in long term jail. there are some recidive in the log file for my ip. is there a way to see what is causing that?

I am not overly familiar with fail2ban, but don’t the logs give an indication?