Filters do not move messages erroneously marked as spam back to inbox

Hello, I setup a mail in a box server on a digital ocean server. It has been running great but I receive emails that constantly get sent to my spam folder. I set up filters to move those emails back to the inbox and forward it to another email address, but the filter isn’t working. I added a snap shot of one such filter below.

I did tail my syslog and I found the point at which the email server is connected to by the email sender and as i step through the log I find the line that says it is identified as spam and stored in mailbox spam. Why would the filter not move the message back to the Inbox? Is there a larger issues here?

I love the feature of this forum that pops a window up with similar help topics, how awesome is that!!! I wish all the forums I visit did that. Anyway, i clicked on those links and nothing seemed to be hitting on my specific situation. Any and all suggestions and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


It’s probably this line:

I’m not a programmer, any ideas how it can get fixed? Thank you.

This is just how Mail-in-a-Box works.

(I’m open to change, but this isn’t something I’m going to look into myself any time soon.)

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