Filtering email to aliases into Roundcube Inbox subfolder


I regularly use two accounts: name@ and lists@. I use lists@
to sign up to mailing lists etc.

I often use webmail and would like to see emails that go to
both of these accounts, but with the lists@ emails separated out into a
subfolder of my Inbox that I clear less frequently.

At the moment I do this by making lists@ an alias of name@
and then setting up sieve filters to move anything to lists@ into the
subfolder. That doesn’t catch all those emails that send messages to lists without putting my email address separately (common on mailing lists). I can change the filter to be “to does not contain name@”, but that approach isn’t particularly extensible, in that I couldn’t then do the same for other aliases like webmaster@ or administrator@.

I was therefore wondering if there was a better way to do
this. I tried out making lists@ forward to name+lists@, but Roundcube’s tag
support doesn’t seem up to filtering by tag/IMAP keyword.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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