Few things after installing Help appreaciated

Hi Everyone, I am starting a new project for my new company and we have about 100 employees and we just need a email server for internal use, wondering if someone knows where can I find documentations for securing the server, disable the mail domain name ex: -box.example.com- and how to set a different domain name for “box.example.com/mail” and use something like webmail.example.com instead

Are your 100 employees each going to have an email address? I presume yes.

Will they be accessing email solely via the web browser, rather than using desktop or mobile clients?

You will need to take this into consideration when you set up your MiaB initially to insure that you have sufficient resources.

If you have already set up using the hostname box.domain.tld and want to change it, you need to change the rDNS with your VPS provider as well as the Glue records at your domain registrar to reflect the new hostname, Once this is done simply run the command mailinabox from the command line and use the new hostname when prompted.

Thank alento for the respond,
yes it is for 100 users, and trying to keep it on a web browser for now, that is why I am checking how to secure the site (I am new to the whole self hosting website).

Also what confused me is that mailinabox setup said that the recommendation is box.example.com, does it affect it if I do webmail. instead of box. ?

and how can I redirect box.example.com/mail to a different site?

The recommendation is just that, a recommendation. Many people prefer to use mail.domain.tld instead. You are free to use any subdomain as the hostname.

As long as you do not make any modifications and follow the recommendation to use PKA for SSH you’ll find that MiaB is rather secure. There is not really anything else that should be done.

Does the first answer cover this, if not, specifically want are you wanting to happen here?

last question is that I don’to to use -box.example.com/mail-, but I want to use the main site, -box.example.com- instead or -www.example.com-

There are instructions on the forum for creating a web redirect. There is also an undocumented feature to do this.

If only someone would document it.

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