Fast restore via just configuration and not emails/files?

Is it possible to restore/upgrade just the configuration?

I had a major bump will migrating from 0.30 and now I’m restoring user-data from my tarsnap repository. Unfortunately the restore process is very slow and will take 4 days for the complete download.

Is there a way to do a partial restore? Just the config? Users, etc.

I can then migrate the files, emails into the folders when they have downloaded?

Is the file /home/user-data/mail/users.sqlite available in your backup for you to extract and copy to the new box? Try doing that.

Yes, I’ve got hourly backups via tarsnap and I can grab individual files.

Are there any other config files I need?

You have spun up a completely new install of MiaB, correct?

I think that I misread your OP, I was thininking that you just needed user accounts … if you have only one domain and have already configured the domain, that should be all you need …

I am curious, how large is your backup?

But you are going to have other issues … if you start using the mailboxes before restoring the backup, then restoring the backup will overwrite your new mail. You may need to create a second MiaB and restore the backup to it then use rsync or imapsync to restore the old mail. … and find a backup method that does not take 4 days to restore!

Yes. New 18.04 vm with new MIAB install.

Trying to figure out which files I need to setup the same config, but with out the mail/mailboxes/ folder.

Mail data is maildir. Should be easy to restore directly without conflict. Nextcloud data should also be easy to restore directly.


How many domains are you running on the MiaB instance?

If just one this will be simple. If several, it is more complex.

Add an email account … that will set up everything for each domain that you add an account for.

Then replace the users.sqlite file with the old one to restore all your users.

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The old server had three domains.

Then simply create a email user for each domain. One that you do not use in actuality. That will set up all the other settings.
I assume that you are using a different hostname and IP, so that info will need to be changed at the domain registrar level for each domain. You’ll need to adjust DNS as well if you are using external DNS. Oh, and if you are using MiaB for DNS be sure that you have disabled DNSSEC if it is enabled.

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Same IP. The old VM was deleted. So no issues with DNS. Thanks for the help.