Failed login to roundcube - new install


I’ve decided to try and run my own personal mail server since google is starting to charge for workspace. I’ve got a fresh install of mailinabox and I’ve been able to login to the admin interface however when I try and login to the roundcube interface I am seeing authentication failures in the roundcube error log;

[07-Feb-2022 09:26:24 +0000]: IMAP Error: Login failed for @ against localhost from .... AUTHENTICATE PLAIN: Authentication failed. in /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_imap.php on line 211 (POST /mail/?_task=login&_action=login)

I have created a non admin account which also generate the same error message. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to where to look or what might be broken?

Did you install anything to Ubuntu 18.04 prior to installing MiaB?

When you installed MiaB, did you do anything other than run the install script?

Does the dashboard report any errors?

Just to be clear, when you attempt to log into Rouncube the browser reports back an error and you cannot log in to read or send messages?

I started with a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 server and only ran the install script.
I have a minor message on the dashboard about DNSSEC DS records.
I can login to the admin and cloud interface using my credentials with no errors.
When I try to login to Roundcube interface I get a yellow box in the bottom right hand corner showing the error message “Login failed.” and I am stuck at the login screen without being able to send or receive mail.

I am going to put this down to me being a fool, I’ve managed to access Roundcube interface now.

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