Failed delivery reports/rectifications


  1. I like that MIAB is able to provide high delivery rates by setting up all the DKIM/SPF/PTR etc
  2. I also understand MIAB aims to “not make something customizable by power users.”
  3. What I’m asking for is a way to tell which emails have failed so that I can take action and rectify them
  4. I currently use Mailgun to send replies, sometimes, these replies have alot of links etc and can fail the sensitive spam filters, e.g. yahoo
  5. Mailgun uses webhooks to inform me that certain emails could not be delivered/failed
  6. So what I do is to send another email to the same address, this time, the message is much shorter and curt, informing the recipient that an earlier message was block, and actions they can take to read that message
  7. Anyone knows of an easy way to achieve this? Or alternatives?

Thank you.

You would need to view your mail logs. I believe that if you install pflogsumm it will provide a report of which mails failed.