Failed Backup on new v52 system

I have just gone through the process of moving my installation from v30 on Ubuntu 14.04 to v52 on Ubuntu 18.04. I recovered my backups successfully and mail seems be to flowing ok. However, I got a notification today saying that the backup had failed:

No such file or directory: ‘/home/user-data/backup/secret_key.txt’

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?

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Sounds like you are missing an encryption key for your backups. This file is created during setup, so running sudo mailinabox again should fix your situation.

I have tried running sudo mailinabox a couple of times and it doesn’t create the backup and encryption directories under user-data and neither does it create the encryption key.

hm that is odd. it should be created as part of the setup here:

what is the output of ls -l /home/user-data?


I have grabbed a screenshot of sudo mailinabox output and it appears to halt at nextcloud. So it isn’t getting as far as running


Sorted! When I compared with the git version lines 27 and 28 were different. I edited my version to be the same and re-ran sudo mailinabox. Now I have a backup directory!


Glad you got it working. The fix for this landed on master after v0.52 was released and should be part of the next release.

You should make a copy of the secret_key.txt to store it somewhere else for disaster recovery.

Thanks, I have done that.

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