Externally Hosted Domain Not Reachable

Hello Community.

I have just set up my MIAB host and while the mail portion appears to be working, my externally hosted website is not reachable and I am not able to figure out why.

  • My MIAB host is at box.example.com, hosted in AWS.
  • My website is at example.com, hosted locally.
  • To address a dynamic IP on the local webserver, I am using noip.com provides me foo-example.com which maintains a fixed IP. I was using domain forwarding in GoDaddy to link this to example.com

In setting up MIAB, I think I had the right idea in changing the Name Servers on my domain provider (GoDaddy) with those provided in MIAB to let it handle things. Then, under Custom DNS in MIAB, I created a CNAME record pointing example.com to foo-example.com.

But No Website! :frowning: Going to example.com seems to land me at the “This is MIAB” page. (box.example.com).

The only errors in System Status Check are:

  • Under box.example.com
    ** An error about the reverse DNS not set up. (work in progress)
  • Under example.com
    ** " Web has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record"
    ** " This domain's DNSSEC DS record is not set"

Can someone give me a hint as to what I have missed? Why can I not get to my website?


No reply, however a bit of an update from me… It seems that changes to Custom DNS affect: /home/user-data/dns/custom.yaml.

Currently the file shows:

CNAME: foo.example.com.

Curiously, it seems that Chrome correctly redirects, but Safari does not. Safari returns a server is not responding error.

I have also tried with an A record redirect and have the same results.

Any thoughts as to why I am failing would be helpful.

Care to share your real MiaB hostname and website url via PM so I can take a look?

After a bit of playing around, I have changed the custom DNS settings as shown below:

Domain Name Record Type Value
*.example.com CNAME foo.bar.net.
www.example.com CNAME foo.bar.net.

Things seem to be working as expected at this point.

With the notes on the page stating “Leave the left field blank to set a record on the chosen domain name, or enter a subdomain”, I was not expecting that a wildcard would be needed (or work at all), however this is probably just my inexperience I guess.

You are right, a wildcard should not be needed. Did you try leaving the box blank as suggested?

I stand corrected – further testing now shows that example.com only resolves after I first access www.example.com. It is caching the page apparently.

I have now removed the * entry again.

With it uncached/clearing the cache, going to example.com I get the default MiaB page:

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