External Nextcloud Instance

So, I’ve been running MIAB for a while now, suffered through a crash and forced migration, and I’ve gotten fairly decent with it I think. I’ve been running owncloud/Nextcloud even longer though, on it’s own beefier VPS, so the instance that comes with MIAB is kind of redundant for me. I can setup some cross-cloud functionality (maybe more now that MIAB is going to 13.x), but it seems like it would be better to just point roundcube to the other Nextcloud instance for its addresses (isn’t that about all Nextcloud is really used for as far as mail functionality?)…

Anyone done that yet? Anyone have any other thoughts?

Did you figure this out? I’m new to MIAB and just got everything up and running in a couple of hours. I have a Synology CaldDAV and CardDAV server and would like to connect my MIAB. Not exactly your situation but somewhat similar.

the config is /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/plugins/carddav/config.inc.php where you can point it to your own cloud instance.

  1. you likely need to should change your own server nextcloud username password to match that of your mail account.
  2. Username/password will not be synced. If you change password of your mail account, you need to change that on your nextcloud instance also.
  3. I can cannot guarantee it will work, and we won’t support if you break your box.
  4. Modify at your own risk.
  5. I recommend you importing your contacts to your box’s nextcloud instance instead.
  6. any modification done on this file gets overwritten.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll check it out and post back with what I’ve learned.

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Looked at the config.inc.php file you noted and decided to leave it alon for now based on 1) your warnings and 2) my newbiness.

So for the time being I just exported and imported as you recommended.

Again, I can’t say enough how I appreciate the Mail In A Box solution. Fantastic! It saved me A LOT of work hours!!

I wasn’t able to get this to work as the “Mail in a Box” uses the full email address as the username instead of just the short name which I use on my actual NextCloud install :confused:

Hi @johnjaylward

I’m doing it like that…

Edit the file

nano /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/plugins/carddav/config.inc.php

…and change the following line from…

$prefs['_GLOBAL']['hide_preferences'] = true;


$prefs['_GLOBAL']['hide_preferences'] = false;

After that you can add another CardDAV account from within Roundcube’s CardDAV settings page.

Note that the above change will be overwritten during an upgrade of your box, but you only have to change it back, when you either want to change the settings of a manually added account or if you want to add or remove an account. Synchronisation of already added accounts will continue to work after an upgrade of your box.

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