External DNS - the third dns server - Cant find the missing prefix word


I have a third dns server at home - function as a private resolver dns server. I would like my mailinabox dns to transfer ALL updates to that dns server so I have those domain name on that also.

I’m sure I read somewhere I could prefix the external dns name in the external dns field with something so that mailinabox would register and update it but not use it as external ns2. I sadly cant find it - maybe I search wrongly.

Could that word be something like **axfr:**homednsdomain or something else?

Anyone who could clarify if I misunderstand something or give out the right syntax to be using.

Thanks in advance.


If you’re using the latest Mail-in-a-Box, it’s documented right in the control panel.

Hi Josh…

Thanks for getting back to me - I’m not sure if I’m follow you or if I did not explain it right in the first place…

Version link says: You are running Mail-in-a-Box version v0.13b

About dns… My MiB is running NS1 and NS2 and do it well. What I wish is to have MiB update my third ns server (elsewhere) when something happens on NS1. So if I simply put ns3.example.com in the hostname field under using a secondary nameserver, it will simply replace NS2 with NS3 right - I dont wish that.

I simply just wish to have NS1 update a third dns placed elsewhere… Perhaps its not possible.


The answer to your question is in the control panel. It says how to do it.

Sorry Josh - I give up - Will not take more of your time…

Maybe I dont understand plain english - I see the follow text:

If your TLD requires you to have two separate nameservers, you can either set up external DNS and ignore the DNS server on this box entirely, or use the DNS server on this box but add a secondary (aka “slave”) nameserver.If you choose to use a seconday nameserver, you must find a seconday nameserver service provider. Your domain name registrar or virtual cloud provider may provide this service for you. Once you set up the seconday nameserver service, enter the hostname (not the IP address) of their secondary nameserver in the box below.

As I read it - I will have either NS1 and NS2 on the box or NS1 on box and NS2 elsewhere or both NS elsewhere - but nothing about how to add NS3.

Could - secondary (aka “slave”) nameserver - text simply be replaced with - third or fourth (aka “slave”) nameserver - ?

Keep reading, below the input field.

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Ugh, sorry, I see now that the text that explains this was hidden if you hadn’t yet entered any secondary nameserver. I had one, so I saw the explanatory text int he control panel. This will be fixed in the next update. It is supposed to say:

To enable zone transfers to additional servers without listing them as secondary nameservers, add xfr:IPADDRESS.

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