Explanation of Message: "updated DNS: OpenDKIM configuration"

This popped up when I added a new user:

[normal] mail user added
[and] updated DNS: OpenDKIM configuration

please explain what caused the new line of info.

I’m not sure. But nothing significant.

Would this mean, that the Records may be changed?
If you are using External DNS this would mean you have to change something? :wink:

that makes sense since some of our messages are not going through 100%. We do get a 10/10 from mail-tester but something else is messed up with spf and dkim.

I do use Amazon SES for my mailing list and have added some stuff to the records because mail-tester.com suggested an update. but they were adds, not replacements…i think. I’ll post a screenshot of both (if it’s safe to post??? if not, let me know so i delete it).

What changes do you see needed to be made? I HAVE to ensure that deliverability of our newsletter is perfect and we HAVE to use the sendy web-application that we use. it is located at ses.fwla.com and runs on amazon instance as well.