Exchange server always asking for login

Has anyone had the issue where Exchange/ActiveSync accounts are continuously asking for login details?

It’s been happening on multiple devices on different users.

Which Devices? Which Clients?
We should defnitly create something like an Issue Report Template :wink: @joshdata

I’ve noticed it on a Macbook Air, iPhone 6S Plus & Outlook 2016 on Windows 10.

On iOS, the message ‘incorrect password’ appears, however when I enter the password again, mail syncs then few hours later, the message reappears.

If I close the dialog box, the mailbox still syncs?

Just extremely annoying having to see the box multiple times a day.

I am not using Z-Push (ActiveSync) in Production. Can anybody reproduce this?

Hi there,
It’s actually happeining to me too on multiple iphone and ipads (from more accoutns) using z-push, some days more often than others. I am running the last release (0.23a.) and the issue appeared since the last upgrade.
When checking mail.log I see a constant streaming of imap login and disconnection for all the iphone users (rip and lip to localhost), is that a possible clue?

What dos z-push-top and z-push-admin say for the devices having issues?

this happened to me too

sudo z-push-admin -a fixstates

helped, but it is happening again, any long term solution?

maybe putting the fixates once per hour in a cron?

Made an account just to answer this as MIAB is amazing and I hope development continues for a long time!

z-push is the issue here, it almost seems like old sessions were causing issues when connecting again in Outlook other clients. Putting “sudo z-push-admin -a fixstates” in a cron to run every half hour seems to have fixed the problem!