Exchange Activesync fails on several client apps

I’ve tried using Exchange on Stack mail for Android, Hiri for Linux, and several other client apps that only work with Exchange, but they all fail, and yet my Microsoft Connectivity Tester checks always check out 100% green. What is the deal here, is it an issue with z-push or with our implementation of it?

Thanks in advance

z-push is not 100% compliant to activesync:

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So if nine email works but stack and hiri don’t it’s because they’re using different protocols, it’s not something that can be easily fixed, right?

Thanks for your reply

Same protocol, however not every implementation of said protocol is the same

(Like how websites can display differently in chrome and in firefox as an example.)

Ok, so is there any hope for the future [in the sense that it’s a known issue someone is working on], or there’s no intention to implement this?

This is not my experience.
MiaB’s Active-Sync Implementation (z-push) works fine with Outlook 2016/2019, Nine for Android, Android’s native Mailclient etc.
Maybe your Configuration is not correct?

Edit: Stack Mail needs EWS, so MiaB never would work (EWS -> Exchange Web Service)

@guenti_r ok thanks, how about hiri?

Hiri needs EWS, so it doesnt work with MiaB.

ok thanks again for the help

Hi @guenti_r, it’s 2021 and we still don’t have a modern email client made in this century for linux IMO. Nothing has changed regarding EWS on MIAB, right?


You begin with the assumption that a Microsoft product is required in order to be “modern”.

If I did, I wouldn’t be using MiaB nor linux as my daily driver, right?
By modern, I mean a client that avoids the disastrous state that we have in linux world today with mail clients [Windows 10 mail light client has same issues btw] of not being able to autoconfigure an email account. Since about 2004 clients on MacOS have been able to do that [not Apple mail somehow], and today on linux my best bet is using Kube mail that isn’t even in v1.0. Hiri is objectively one of the few well designed and modern clients out there for linux.

Thunderbird autoconfigures.