Everything is green but it delivers to spam

I setup my MIAB server to a DigitalOcean vps. In status checks page everything seems green. But when I send an example email to a gmail or office365 account, they flag my emails as spam/junk. I tried many spam check online services. All says there ıs no problem about this email. But Gmail and Outlook don’t think so. I also tried to move my MIAB server to a different DO server to get a different IP but it also didn’t help. Do you have any suggestion?

Status checks report for domain:

Suffering the same problem after moving host.

I’ve the same problem on my box.

Gmail and Outlook (Microsoft) seemingly send everything to spam, simply because you are not using Gmail or Outlook. /sarcasm

Seriously, both spam for a multitude of reason that are not fully known … Is the domain new? Is the MX server new? Has the IP been recycled by the VPS provider?

Signing up for Google’s Postmaster Tools and Microsoft’s JMRP (?-don’t remember the exact name) sometimes help.

Lately anyone has tried to see how their emails score on mail-tester.com

My score is 10/10. But still in the spam folder of Gmail.

Example: https://www.mail-tester.com/web-fdgvi

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Try DKIMvalidator then http://dkimvalidator.com/

All checks are also passing on dkimvalidator.

Not really, Your DKIM is also reported as invalid the same issue that I’m facing and also @Dibbyo456

Hmm, and also you don’t know how to fix it yet, I think?

We’re trying whatever we can find on stackoverflow or similar sites. Nothing has been proven helpful yet.

I’ve however moved my work mailboxes to mailcow (which I had been already hosting) to prevent them being classified as spam. my personal domain still goes to spam.

So, few hours ago I deployed a new server with a clean IP. Installed mailcow. Added everything (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, SRV everything).
I waited for 30 mins. Then I sent an email from mailcow (old .com domain) to my personal gmail a/c. Straight into SPAM. :expressionless:

Yup. I can confirm the same issue.
Result is 10/10 but goes into gmail SPAM.

Mailcow is weird, wait for their system to have some kind of warmup! … everything starts to work after ~72 hours on it’s own (what I assume would be that mailcow can’t see your DNS properly)

Mailcow was seeing my DNS properly. I verified with their web portal.

PM a screenshot please?

I was so angry that I removed the server.
I will set it up again for your sake. :relieved:


This is strange, I have Digital Ocean and Mailcow as my main setup and have never had these issues. It is possible maybe your domain / IP (common with DO) are blacklisted somewhere? also make sure to do Google Domain Validation too.

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What do you mean with Google Domain Validation? Do you mean adding it to the Search Console(aka Webmaster tools)?