Errors on second domain - are they really errors though?

This is the second domain I added in Mail-in-a-Box, and emails are working just fine. The first domain is all green in Status Checks, because I dedicated that domain, for the machine running Mail-in-a-Box.

Those errors aren’t really errors, are they?

The errors indicate that I should point the nameservers and A records, on the Mail-in-a-Box machine. Do I really want to do that though? Currently handles DNS records for that domain, and I think it’s a much more reliable service that a single VPS machine that I set up to host Mail-in-a-Box.

Also if I point the A records for that domain on the Mail-in-a-Box machine, it means I should host the website there also, right? Which I really shouldn’t do because this is a mail server, not a Wordpress hosting machine.

So either those aren’t really errors, or something is wrong with my configuration, and I should do something to fix those errors.

That looks okay if you are using an external DNS. Assuming you don’t want webmail on those other domains. If you do, you can point the A records to MIAB and set the www. sub-domain record on MIAB to point to your web host.a

Great, good to know.

Just out of curiosity, shouldn’t those errors be displayed as warnings? Or perhaps have the ability to reset them to Green, if I’m using external DNS?

Not that I’m complaining, but a Red X seems a bit excessive.

Perhaps, though MIAB is intended to be an appliance which can be set up by those with limited knowledge; the messages provide guidance then. If you understand the advanced configuration options, I guess you know enough to understand what the warning messages really mean and ignore them as appropriate.

Webmail will work just fine by going to It can access all mail by logging in using the mail account, including domains that MiaB is no longer handling mail for and even domains that are no longer registered.