Error message even when box restart is successful

When updates are installed and the box needs to be restarted, and the red “Reboot box” button shows up in the checklist, I click this button and click OK, and then I always get an error message from the MiaB web interface saying something like “Sorry! Something went wrong”. However the restart always goes fine. The website is unreachable for several seconds and after that I can refresh the page and re-login just fine.

I’m guessing this message might be because the webpage in my browser can’t contact the server anymore (since it’s down while being restarted). Could it be replaced by a more appropriate text?

Edit: I’m using v0.48 but this has been present in past versions too.


Well, I suppose that it COULD be, but am not sure that it is practical.

I think something like “Lost connection with server” would be more informative. It had me using ssh for restarts for quite a while until I figured it out : D I agree it’s not very important, it’s just a cosmetic bug.

I’ve noticed this before and thought it was a bit annoying the first few times but have kind of grown not to notice it.

It would probably be a good idea to get rid of any ‘error’ message that isn’t actually an error though and make the text more useful.

Maybe create an issue (or a pull request) on github?

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