Entirely separate domains on the same box

I’m obviously pretty new to Mail in a box or I wouldn’t be asking this question. Is it possible to run two entirely different domains from mail in a box? i.e. wyrdtalkradio.com and walkthemist.com.

yes, you can connect an unlimited amount of domains to one Mail-in-a-Box instance.

instructions here:

That doesn’t really answer my question, I know that I set the new domain NS servers for the ones created when I first set up the box, but I guess my question is does Mail in the box just see a new domain name and magically poof it’s all set up, or do I need to manually set it up on the box, or is there a wizard… that I guess is more the question.

sorry that i misunderstood your question.

as far as i know you can create a alias or user so mail-in-a-box detects the new domain and sets up certificate, adds it to the status page and so on

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no worries, it’s been a day and I didn’t word it well. lol

ok so I’ll give that a shot… Thanks for your help.

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