Emails not being copied to "Sent" folder


I send emails using SwiftMailer (PHP) via the TLS interface: (

Unfortunately, these emails aren’t appearing in roundcube’s “Sent” folder.

Is there something I can do to fix this?

Thank you for such a great project!

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SMTP is never used to put mail in the Sent folder. IMAP is responsible for that.

Hi Josh,

Good point about SMTP…

I wonder could you suggest a way I could improve my situation?

I can successfully send emails from a web server (it connects to TLS). It would be great if these emails got copied (somehow?) into the “Sent” folder.

Thank you for such a great project,

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I will tell you what I do, but it’s not pretty: I create an alias "" and I copy (bcc or cc) that ID (when I use SMTP instead of imap). Then all you have to do is create a rule/filter in round cube for that incoming email… Rule #1: Received: for – to (1) flag it as read, and (2) copy into “sent” folder. Simple as that!

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