Emails Landing in smap folder for additional domains

I configured multiple domains with my box, however only the email with my box domain name is sending to inbox, for the other domains emails are landing in spam.

My setup is on AWS, so I had requested for the sending limit and rDNS for the box domain name only. Do I need to raise the sending request with aws for the additional domain as well?

Looking for some help in resolving this problem.

Is the box handling DNS for the other domains? If no, did you enter all the DNS entries for DKIM, SPF, DMARC etc into the DNS for those domains?

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You need to either setup external DNS, or use your MIAB server as your DNS for each site (Change the nameservers from to, if required you might need glue records for the box to be a nameserver depending on your registrar.)

I have made that DNS entries correctly. Still no luck, emails are landing in spam folder of recipients.

When I checked the DKIM of the original message that went to spam, it says. DKIM Fail.

I have given the DKIM record set correctly in my Route53 hosted zone.
dkim=neutral (bad format) header.s=mail header.b=bmdbPq22;

Validating Signature

result = invalid Details: public key: OpenSSL error: too long
0.1 DKIM_INVALID DKIM or DK signature exists, but is not valid
Wondering how to solve this issue

It does seem that the DKIM key is not functioning correctly at AWS DNS … please try to delete the DKIM key and then add it again. See my PM.

It was a bit tricky to make the DKIM TXT entry for AWS Route53.

Finally it succeeded. Here is what I did to make it work:

Put the DKIM is a next editor. It will be in one single line. Just make it into two lines, somewhat same length.
Then paste it in the TXT value of the DNS record set. That’s it, it started working fine.

When I tried to break it into 3 lines, it was failing. But breaking the DKIM into 2 lines worked.

I used: . & to check the DKIM

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