Email registration page

hey guys,
I recently wrote a simple registration page with hcaptcha and I think you guys can find it useful, especially if you are starting a mail service.

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Is the repo private or something? The link is 404 and I don’t see it on your user profile.

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damn, forgot to make it public, check now.


I imagine many people will find this useful.

Does it require modifications that the MiaB update scripts will break?

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I don’t think the update script will break anything. it just needs php enabled. will update script disable php again?

The update script will rewrite everything in nginx.conf that isn’t within one of the include directives (e.g., include /etc/nginx/conf.d/*. It might even do this automagically outside of updates, such as when adding a domain (basically, any time a service needs to update nginx.conf).

There is an undocumented feature that allows custom configurations per domain by adding a correctly formatted file within, I think, /home/user-data/www/, which I think generates a .../www/custom.yaml, or something, but since I haven’t used it I’m just aware of its existence.

I also strongly recommend figuring out an invitation code, or something. Eventually the bots start inventorying these sites and click-farms create accounts and spammers blacklist the IP address and ISPs cancel hosting accounts.

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ohhh, then the users shouldn’t use nginx.conf but rather the create the custom config to enable php right?

Something like that, yes. You could determine a generic configuration with instructions for admins to make the changes themselves. If you search through the forums and GitHub, I think there is someone, somewhere explaining how to use this feature, or post to Slack where to find out more about this.

It isn’t difficult, I just happen to not know how to use this feature.

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ohhhh okay, thanks…

I agree with @openletter here. Something like this can destroy the reputation of your mail server and potentially hosting company/ISP.

Basically it is what happened to DigitalOcean for allowing mail ports by default on all of their VMs, now most of DO’s entire subnets are in spamhaus without any real good way to get them removed.