Email Redirection and Dovecot

Sometime in October 2019 an update caused Dovecot to have a default value of 4 for the number of redirects a sieve filter is allowed. An attempt to do more than 4 results in an error and no emails getting sent. Roundcube places no restrictions on the number of redirects an address can have.
To fix this I edited /etc/dovecot/conf.d/90-sieve.conf to set sieve_max_redirects = 12 (the number I needed. This fixed the issue.
My concern though is that my config change will get over-written at some point in the future when MIAB updates. Can you assure me this won’t happen, or provide a way to prevent the file being over-written? Ideally this would be a setting in the MIAB config, as the best way to change the value.

Nope on both accounts. MiaB does not support ‘unsupported modifications’, so if you make one you will need to go back and redo it whenever MiaB is upgraded.

Not all changes are reverted when you upgrade Mail-in-a-Box, but you’d have to consult the source code and/or try an upgrade to see.

Hmm. That’s a pity. Maybe I will have to create several accounts with first as the target and each redirecting to 3 emails plus the next account in the group (except the last one of course). So a kind of cascade. I assume this would work. But a default limit of 4 is pretty restrictive and makes creating a distribution list difficult.

An alternative would to be to use software made for this exact purpose such as Sendy, or Mailtrain, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion Alento. I looked at both, and Sendy is an external service and Mailtrain has no apt install binary that I could see. Either way it’s overkill for what I want, which is one distribution list with 7 members. The problem I have with the built-in system right now is that Roundcube puts no restriction or warning about Dovecot’s arbitrary limitation on the number of redirects allows, but more than 4 and it won’t work. The annoying thing is that is was working, so the current default of 4 is new. MIAB provides Roundcube and Dovecot, so that setting should be incorporated into its config, IMHO. It’s supposed to be an “out-of-the-box” program but this new limit is going to catch people out and there’s no official way to deal with it.

I understand …

Have you tried creating an alias in MiaB itself?

I find it strange that an update of Dovecot introduced this limitation … surely users of other email server setup’s are complaining as well?

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