Email from my MIAB instance says to upgrade looks like new install


  • Email from my MIAB instance to me:

System -- Currently: ==================== ✖ A new version of Mail-in-a-Box is available. You are running version v0.17b. The latest version is v0.17c. For upgrade instructions, see

  • Navigating to the provided link issues the instructions to:

curl -s | sudo bash

The console basically says to run this only on a new system.

Howto backup to prevent lose of Spamassassin settings such as whitelistings and razor reporting?

No attachments allowed so I can’t show what is displayed.

Please advise.

Reading this: may help you with the upgrade and to create a full backup or snapshot of your droplet before to order the upgrade is always a good idea.

Thanks for the reply.

The link you provided is what prompted me to post this issue.

Just going circles.

Appears to be no solution except for new install.

Hello, Im novice too, but I upgraded few times.
So, Yes, it looks like new install, but it isnt. setup detect existence of mailinabox. Dont worry :slight_smile: be happy :smiley: