Email duplicating

Hi All,

After I tried sending email to my internal users it sends repeteadly.

Please see attached image.

Thank you

What do you see in the MiaB dashboard System Status Checks?

Here it is.

Are you intending to use external DNS servers?

No why? May I know what is the main cause of this issue?

Thank you

If you intend to use MiaB as the DNS server, then you should configure the glue records or you will have many problems.

May I ask on how will I do it?

It appears that you are using external DNS with Cloudflare as your provider and it also appears that things are set correctly, EXCEPT your glue records. They need to be removed.

You should NOT have any Glue set in this instance.

So you have said one thing, and have done another.

I don’t use GoDaddy, but I found this tutorial from searching ‘godaddy set glue records’

But the above is not related to the main problem.

I’d need to see the headers of both of a duplicated pair of messages to determine if they are actually being sent twice or just saved twice.

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One more thing. I’m using email the email that is pointed to that server. Does it affects also? Do I really need to remove the glue records?

Oh that reminds me … you need to remove the extra MX records. Only the one should appear.

My thinking is first establish the MiaB configuration to be as expected.

Yes, everyone needs to follow the instructions exactly when setting up MiaB. Unfortunately, not everyone does.

I sent it once, But I received it twice. It happens all the time when I tried to run some email test.

I just sent you a message to the kim.martinez address. Did it appear once or twice in your inbox? It will probably be greylisted, so may take 10 minutes to arrive.

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When the email comes with external users it won’t appears twice. But when I try to send an email with a group or an alias in the same domain name it appears twice in the inbox.