Email alias with multiple recipients?

I can’t seem to find a way to create an email alias that forwards to multiple recipients.

The tools/ script says “Invalid arguments” if multiple email addresses are passed after:
tools/ alias add

And it says “Alias already exists” when I tried:
tools/ alias add
tools/ alias add

I see that aliases are stored in the users.sqlite database, but I’m not sure how to add an alias that sends to multiple people.

Anybody have any ideas here? Your help is much appreciated, thank you!

This should do it:

tools/ alias add ",,"

A few hours ago I added a web-based admin interface. If you git pull the files and then run setup/ again, you should get instructions at the end about how to access the admin interface. Adding aliases should be easier that way.

Wow that was a quick response! Thanks for your help, that did the trick! I’m excited to check out the admin interface as well.

Beyond that I would just love to say thank you for creating this project. After spending WAY too much time trying to set this same suite of software up manually and get them working in perfect harmony in the past, I can say that I’m infinitely grateful to have mailinabox now. My time is better spent on writing code and moving our projects ahead, but setting up an email server inevitably seems to come up at some point. Mailinabox is a true lifesaver.


Great, and thank you!