Email address validation fails

Dear Users,

I have a problem regarding the validation of my mail.
Example: got to page:
If I put in my mail adres to check of everything is ok then 3 out of 4 will be correct.

This is also with other email verification sites.
If use a non MIAB mail address then it works.

What could be wrong.

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They are trying to sell you a product. I tried several different MiaB email accounts from several different MiaB installs and they all were ‘faulty’ for one reason or another.

Using other email verification tools, I never have a problem.

Case in point, try …

I suspect that it will come back just fine there… actually, your test is coming back just fine … read the fine print at the bottom of the ‘error’ message:

We couldn’t find this email address publicly available on the web.

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Thanks for the reply and url for checking my mail address.

I tried several sites but they all came with the same result.
They cannot verify if the mail address if it exits.
If I use an other mail address to check then it will turn op green.

Cannot pin point where the problem is exactly.

Thanks in advance,

Mail-in-a-Box by default uses Greylisting. Greylisting is a spam prevention measure used to significantly reduce spam.

Properly configured email servers will retry failed email for 2-3 days. These attempts usually occur every few minutes. On the other hand, MOST spammers do not bother to retry. This is what makes greylisting effective.

On the second attempt, greylisted emails will be allowed through.

Assuming that you do not have a catchall address for your domain, try the test again with an invalid email address. You will see the difference.

If the email address did not exist you would get an error message such as:

Received 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

So from what you have posted, your email address exists and is working fine.

Thanks for the info.
I started testing with postgrey disabled, I get a correct response.
Standard the greylist of greypost is not enabled, so I enabled is and it seems to be working correctly.

For me, the problem is resolved.
Thanks very much for your help.