Editing DNS Records

I feel like I’m probably missing something here.

I’ve correctly set up my DNS glue records and name servers and everything seems to be working. Now that my box is handling my DNS, I’d like to edit my DNS Records so that Web addresses go to the right places. I don’t see an option anywhere to change my DNS Records?

My domains are all email+site, some have subdomains, and only one of them is static html (the others are php, nodejs, etc…), so the built in hosting is not an option for me. Not to mention the fact that I have enough of them to necessitate 3 separate Web servers.

Is my best course of action to use the “external DNS” route?

The documentation only landed after the 14.08-beta release. If you can update to the master branch (git fetch && git checkout master && sudo setup/start.sh) you’ll see new documentation for how to do that in your control panel.

Thank you very much! I’ll check this out and report back.