E-mails sent through MailGun are going directly to the spam folder of Gmail


My MailInaBox is working great, but sending e-mails through MailGun, the e-mails are going directly to the Spam folder.
My MailGun is configured to work with a different domain, which is working ok.

To resolve this issue, I tried to add the TXT record v=spf1 mx include:myotherdomain.com -all on my main domain, and on my box subdomain. After hours of searching I found this on MailGun.

Not correct … the SPF record needs to include MailGun.

Your TXT record should be added to the domain that is actually sending the email via MailGun, not the box subdomain.

v=spf1 mx include:mailgun.org -all is what I would propose.


Thank you, I modified as you said, I will wait 24hours too see if is working.
Previously I set the record to v=spf1 mx include:myotherdomain.com -all, because in the e-mails I received via MailGun, is writing:


When sending to the large mail providers, check the headers using the “view original” or “view full” or “raw message” or whatever they call it. You should see a section labeled Authentication-Results to check if you are passing their tests.

Thank you, It seems that DKIM and SPF are ok, but DMARC fails.

I see that all the DMARC’s are placed by Mailinabox, with the value v=DMARC1; p=quarantine,
should I change it to v=DMARC1; p=none for my main domain?

I have added to:

_dmarc.mydomain.com the TXT record: v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:contact@mydomain.com

And is working. The dmarc still fails, but I am not in the SPAM anymore. Thank you

This does not fix the problem of the DMARC failure, so there will still be mail providers that send the emails to spam regardless of the p=none configuration.

What should I do to fix the DMARC?

I’m guessing you have an alignment issue.

See if anything here can help you: