E-mail server farm

Is Mail-in-a-Box ready to build a gmail/hotmail/yahoo type and size email server farm to handle as many users. I’ve had my own domain .com .net & .org names for so long now and I orginally started out with six servers online through AT&T when you could buy and use blocks of the 12.x.x.x IP blocks and that’s what I had done – but, then to be defeated by The Facebook (Facebook) at the same time I was putting my website online which was similar - but, with e-mail. Soon after AT&T took back the IP block I had purchased and raised the price to a ridiculous amount so I gave up. I was at the time an Exchange Admin guy as well as Systems Admin, Network Admin (Cisco, 3Com and Netware) – then I got sick and had to quit the business. That was twelve years ago. I’m fixed up now and better than new so I am raring to go – but, am sort of behind the times in technology but, – I still have my domain names and a dream to attend to…and give gmail, hotmail and yahoo a run for their money…maybe Facebook. They are tired horses and I figure the market is ready now since it’s returning to doing your own thing practices. Help – Need Help…Help Me!!! Cheers.

No, it is not. That’s not what it’s meant to be, you can’t cluster MIAB. If you want to be the new Facebook you’ve got to build your own systems. If you honestly believed that MIAB would be your savior in this venture you’re not ready. Good luck.

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Well, technically, in combination of csync and rsync, it is probably possible. In theory, you could have say 3 servers for example all running mailinabox, then use rsyc/csync to synchronize all data and storage from the primary to all secondary servers. But that is not true clustering in my opinion. great as a backup solution though!

Another note: MIAB was not made to be a Social Network, or made to support that size of users. Look into PHP, Python, and Pearl coding languages, start writing your own Social Network.