Dynamic Rules from Python or Database

Hi! Full disclosure, I’ve come across this while working on a tinkering project that is purely for the fun of it. So please take this in the casual-fun spirit it is intended :grin:

This is a general question about feasibility, I won’t ask you to do the work for me. Naturally I’ve tried searching, so all I ask is your take on whether this is possible (and any suggestions of what keywords I should be using).

The Question
Is there a way to integrate dynamic custom rules and actions with MIAB, from Python or a database?

When an email comes in, MIAB performs a lookup to make sure that test@gmail.com is allowed to go to my_account@domain.com
But rather than being fairly static rules, these would be mutating pretty constantly.

Thanks! I hope this makes sense…

To some extend you can do this with Sieve-Rules. Sieve-Rules are enabled by default by MIAB and you can set them in the Webinterface of Mail (RoundCube).

Login to Webmail --> Click on the left navigation bar on settings --> Click on Filters.

Here you can create new rules and you can also discard messages which should not be received by the mailbox. This is supported by MIAB and will (probably) not be disabled with an update in future.

For more flexibility you could modify the source code of MIAB / configuration files (e.g. of postfix). However, these changes are not supported and you would need to apply them every time a new update is available, since most changes are overwritten with every update.

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