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Dynamic Reputation IP Lookup

please help!!!

I keep getting blocked by proofpoint.com, this is my second time.

please i need directions on how to prevent this to happen since proofpoint does not have any support unless you are a client.

my MIAB is setup correctly. not listed on any other sites nor hotmail, outllok o gmail
just with this proofpoint guys.

please help

refused to talk to me: 554 Blocked - see



always happens to me too when proofpoint is involved.

thank for the reply, how did you fixed it?

Have you followed the procedure to request unblocking?

Yes every day

Completed form email and even phone

I check every day and nothing
I guess since i’m Not a customer they ignore o delay follow up

Very frustrating

I’ve not been able to fix it.

Proofpoint are scum.

Apple mail is using Proofpoint. I have an MiaB hosted on AWS Lightsail. Mail to my account on Apple mail is being blocked by Proofpoint. Repeatedly. I have followed their instructions repeatedly, to no avail. Proofpoint is the only dog barking at my emails.

Maybe it is time to get a lawyer involved or sue in small claims court and force them to respond.

Certainly not the ideal solution, but a solution – I have been working on a outbound mail filter, smtp relay that seemingly has no issues with the usual culprits (Gmail, Outlook, etc) but I would like to confirm that it also reliably delivers email to people’s inboxes that are being ‘protected’ by Proofpoint.

That said, if anyone who has control of an email address that is having problems receiving from MiaB would be kind enough to let me send a test mail or three, I would be very appreciative. For privacy, please PM me if you’d let me send you a test mail. Thanks!!!

@dwomack Dennis, you are the one person in this thread who stated that you have an Apple mail account. May I send a couple of test mails to it please? :slight_smile:

If I can figure out to PM in discourse.


My suspicion is Proofpoint are blocking all senders using AWS IP ranges but you can test your system by emailing account.maintenance.complaints@hsbc.com or james.hughes@raspberrypi.org These are all companies that knowingly use Proofpoint and don’t care about their customers complaints getting through to them.

Your miab should reply in 3 hours saying there is a problem sending the message and then a few days later saying it has failed and give you the crap Proofpoint message mentioned in the OP. Personally my IP address from AWS is clean and I have checked it against hundreds of blacklists but Proofpoint still flag me as dangerous to know. My solution was to blacklist Proofpoint and any company that uses them.

I’ll PM you and you can reply. :slight_smile:

Your suspicion may be right, but it certainly is not limited to AWS as the OP is using DO. My initial response to this thread was going to be along the lines of don’t use DO as so many companies block their IP range, but I resisted temptation.

Thanks but I am looking to prove a method that works, not get rejected so I will pass on these emails for now … I am actually planning on trying using the relay I have set up so this will not help.

Actually, as I think about it I will try sending messages from one of my MiaB installs to test the theory that AWS or DO ranges are blacklisted, as I use neither. Back with results shortly. :slight_smile:

Somebody’s shaking Proofpoint’s tree.

I just tried again from my AWS Lightsail MiaB and the messsge went through to my Apple mail account.

Proofpoint is ruining their own reputation!

Contrary to what I said earlier to @mytwocents I sent emails to those two addresses via the relay. The messages are not queued and show delivered in the relay logs … Thanks for saving me the trouble of testing using MiaB. I am having trouble finding a test installation that is not already using the relay - looked like I was going to have to spin one up on another VPS.

The plot thickens…

Doing it again.

Maybe we can sue Proofpoint for Alienation of Affection. Grin.

Do they have twitter or Facebook?

I don’t think they are listening. Need to raise a stink with the companies that are paying them.

I am going to guess that your test emails look like legitimate emails, not just with the subject ‘test’ and the body ‘test’ correct? :slight_smile: BTW, did you get my PM?

Checked my AWS static/public IP and it says not blocked.

I think they have the hokey pokey going on.

Not Blocked
This IP address is not blocked.
If you are a Proofpoint client, please click here for an expedited response.
About Proofpoint® Dynamic Reputation (PDR)
Dynamic Reputation leverages Proofpoint’s machine-learning driven content classification system to determine which IPs may be compromised to send spam (i.e. part of a botnet). The purpose of IP reputation is to delay or block IPs identified as being part of a botnet or under the control of spammers. We do not intend to delay or block legitimate email that our customers are expecting. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Machine Learning? Artificial Stupidity.

I earned a living writing software that ran machines that made cookies and cakes, the following is true:

IF builders built buildings, the way some programmers write programs, the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.

With Artifical Intelligence, who is responsible when it gives you the wrong answer?


Well I’m going to have to create a new droplet then verify the ip and then restore from my snapshot

I try SendGrid relay but I don’t want pay

What do guys think?

A little more testing is showing differences on blocking based on which email account on an AWS Lightsail MiaB is sending.

The block response from Apple is no longer referencing Proofpoint.

It is repeatable now.

More news when I find the cause. There is always a reason.