Downgrade Mail-in-a-Box

Hello everybody,

I know that this what i would like to ask is not the best practice, i know, but anyway,

The Situation was the following: i have a MiaB Server running quite a while on v0.4.0 it runs well.

I rent a new Server took a backup from the old one installed the new one and restored the Backup but now some things went wrong. for Example My Outlook 2016 Connection won´t work anymore and some of my older Clients (we have still to use it for a specifficreason) how can i get back to v0.40 i canceld the old sever so we have only the box that is runnig.

I know that i have to reinstall the Server this is not the problem, but is it possible to restore the last backup from v.047 to v0.40?

It would be nice if anyone can give me some ideas.

Honestly your clients are using outdated email clients that are over a decade old and are insecure as can be.

They need to move on to the 2020’s. The problem is that TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are both depreciated and no longer used. Outlook versions before I believe 2013 use these outdated standards.

There are “fixes” posted elsewhere on this forum. I however will not support you in breaking your clients internet security and highly suggest against you doing the same. It would be irresponsible on both of our parts if we did.

As far as downgrading, there is a way to use the older versions tag in Github … or something like that. I have no details of the specifics.

However, even if you did that the data in the database is now optimized for the newer version of NextCloud and AFAIK there is no going back on that, so NC will be hopelessly broken.

Sure, but we use outlook 2007 with Windows 7…with 0.40 it was tricky but it worked, now outlook refused to talk to the new Server i dont really care about Nextcloud because i need only the Mail functionallity.

Correct. In v0.43 of MiaB the old TLS versions were removed as their end of life had just passed (or was within a few days of passing).

Thanks for your Reply.

Could anyone tell me if it possible to restore a backup from 0.47 to 0.40 without problems? because we ned some of the old features, we know that there is a big security risk but we have no other choise we don´t want to use exchange 2007 anymore so MiaB is a lot more secure than the old exchange server in my oppinion.

Thanks for your help!