Domains not showing up on TLS generation page


I got my MIAB setup pretty well at, except that when I go under TLS options in the MIAB cpanel, it just says “sorry something went wrong”, and I don’t see any of my domains under the install certificate option, and no buttons (like I think I should see?) under provision certificates.

Everything is green under the system check except for the TLS. Though under I see:

The TLS (SSL) certificate for this domain is currently self-signed. You will get a security warning when you check or send email and when visiting this domain in a web browser (for webmail or static site hosting).

I tried running /management/ but it came up with a syntax error. I’m pretty decent with python, so I thought I’d take a look at the line (line 500, I’ll copy the error message) but it had some syntax that is a bit over my head.

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