Domains from tonga

Does Mail in a Box work with .to domains from Tonga?

Why does Mail in a Box only work with some domains?

MiaB works with all domains but there are some that are to be avoided at all cost for email sending. These domains go to spam almost always immediately like .to and .xyz.

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Oh so when the MiaB setup guide says to avoid the ones listed below, this has nothing to do with MaiB per-say, but is more related to spam filters in general for those domains?

  • Avoid these:
  • .at
  • .ca
  • .de
  • .gg .je .as
  • .cx
  • .is
  • .nl

I disagree with you here. While avoiding a domain name registry might be a good idea, it is very important to avoid GMAIL.COM and OUTLOOK.COM by boycotting it. This is what Joshua Tauberer intended when he made MIAB. The original intention was decentralisation since GMAIL.COM, OUTLOOK.COM, and much of big tech violate their customers’ privacy by making an attempt to spy on their customers and make money from that spying innitiative (example selling ads).

The so-called “free” domain registry, .TK is out of business as nothing is really free.

If a person blacklists your domain for wrong reasons, then please contact that person to let them know. Or even tell it on social media, say, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. Your personal email must be free from spying.

If you are looking for a free domain name to use with MIAB, I would suggest *.EU.ORG, a free domain name registry.

Email delivery is based on meeting technical requirements and reputation which is how spam filters (not persons or individuals) work. If you are looking to get a good experience out of MiaB than selecting a reputable VPS and domain is key.
Complaining to the world on Facebook will not change a thing to the fact your business is suffering because your emails are classified as spam by your recipients.

If you get into the game of self hosting email, I would highly suggest to play by the rules or look for 3th party alternatives.

The reason this is quoted in the setup guide is that these domains have requirements that are not always straightforward to get right with the standard installation. Some of these are relatively easy though. As is explained further in the guide:

Some domain name TLDs and some registrars will require that you enter two glue records with different IP addresses. That won’t work for Mail-in-a-Box’s typical setup since your machine will only have one IP address. You can either set up secondary DNS servers to get around this limitation (it’s not hard, but it’s more work), or use a different domain name under a different TLD or a different registrar.

From my knowledge, at least .de and .nl are possible using the secondary DNS.
So the reason to avoid those TLDs does in fact have to do with the technical requirements for registering such a domain in combination with what Mail-in-a-Box can offer you.

You can get an impression on the “badness” of a TLD from spamhaus. A .to domain seems to be 3% bad, whereas e.g. .fr (France) is 0.5%.

Hey man, your reply here is incredibly useful. Thankyou so much.

So some of these domains require a 2nd DNS provider, but it could be anyone with a different IP of the first DNS?

Also a second question, mail in a box says my IP is on the blacklist:
“The IP address of this machine [redacted] is listed in the Spamhaus Block List (code, which may prevent recipients from receiving your email.”

Does this mean my VPS provider gave me a shady IP, and nothing I can do about it but leave?

Basically, yes. Short list of providers is mentioned Here

Hard to say. Some common reasons are:

  • The specific ip has been used in the past to send spam
  • The provider has a bad reputation for reacting to abuse reports, and gets its whole subnet blocked
  • You’re on a residential internet connection

You can check with Spamhaus if your ip is blocked. On that page you can also request an unblock if it’s possible.
I would recommend to check multiple blacklists. If your ip is on many blacklists, it might be easier to request a new ip or switch provider. It might take you some effort to get your ip cleaned off of those blacklists.

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