Domain2 redirect to old One

I install MIAB in my domain suppose (domain1. com). (Consider its in IP -

Now I add 2nd domain (domain2. com). I also change the A record and CNAME RECORD to my Hosting IP address. (Consider this IP is

But problem is, when I want to access from browser it start showing content from IP and also give a warning for SSL certificate.

My already have the ssl certificate. In warning it shows ther certificate of “box.domain1. com”.

Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks !!

Add the following custom DNS records:

Type       subdomain          domain                         value
A           www              

Then wait for DNS to update.

I already did this, anyway thanks for advice…

Maybe a stupid question. Resides domain 1 and domain2 on the same server or is domain2 pointing to a different server.

In the first case, domain2 also has IP address and you have to place a redirect on the server; in case 2, you have to do the redirect outside of the MiaB

It’s quite uncommon, nowadays, to put multiple ip addresses on a server, for hosting.

@Ajayahlawat - Not the right place to market your new job. Sorry mate.

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