Domain TLD (.at) Status

Hey @JoshData!

Went to get the curl command from the main site and noticed this:

Now, I’ve been running (.at) TLD since June of this year and I haven’t had any issues.

Do you know what issues this should be creating? And I can test them out for you and we can probably remove that TLD from that list?


Same with “.de”. De supports DNSSEC.

Those two TLDs are listed because someone reported that they require two nameservers with different IP addresses. Did you find that?

Didn’t find that issue, with .at. I have it set up through Gandi and all seems to work with just one IP for both.

The only thing is lack of DNSSEC on Gandi.

Well then I guess we’ll leave it on that list. :slight_smile:

With “.de” you need 2 nameservers :wink:

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