Domain / subdomain should resolve to box IP

Hello !
I am doing a fresh install on a VPS server.
In the admin page, I get some error :
one of them is :
This domain should resolve to your box's IP address
This domain should resolve to your box's IP address 

I do not understand why it should be…
You told me that mail-in-box server to run alone on the VPS. Meaning I have my nextcloud session, and my www page on an another VPS.

Thank you for the clarification.

  • Add an A custom DNS record for those (sub)domains by pointing them to your other VPS IP address.

Yes it is what I did, but you get the error message on the admin page…
Not sure it is intentional or not.
I guess I have to ignore the error the message :slight_smile:

If this is a new IP and you gave your registrar/isp this IP to be your NAMESERVERS for that domain, it can take up to 48 hours for new changes to take effect everywhere. You might just need to wait.

OK, I didn’t realized that my DNS would be on the, and not on Gandi anymore.
can I do a * A ipadress of my main web server and not break everything ?
guess I will try :slight_smile:

In Custom DNS, yes.

But first, have you changed your nameservers with Gandi to and ?

yes I did 2 hrs ago… waiting for it to take over. we shall see tomorrow I guess

If you’d like me to check your DNS records to be sure that all is good, feel free to PM me with your MiaB’s hostname. I will be here for a few minutes yet tonight … :slight_smile:


@Feydreva here an online tool you could use yourself to check your DNS propagation current status.


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