Domain names in DNSSEC

I have purchased a couple of new domain names, I can confirm that DNSSEC works with .com, .net and would probably work fine with .email if there were a way to generate the key with SHA256. I (unfortunately at times) use Godaddy as my Registrar, they will only accept SHA256 signed records for the .email domains. I haven’t dug into things to see if I can do this, but just tried to set one up and noticed.

Great I’ll add .com and .net to the TLD quirks page.

I had the same DNSSEC problem with (I also use GoDaddy) and committed a fix to also generate SHA256 keys this week. It’s in the master branch and I’ll push version 0.4 hopefully next week. If you can try out the master branch that’d be appreciated.

Awesome! I will give it a try as soon as I can. Thank you!

I did a git pull and then re-ran mailinabox. Nothing seems to have changed. Do I need to do something in order to get it to generate the new DS record info?

It should have generated new keys and offered you different DS info.

I can’t remember absolutely, but I was certain my initial install was from the master. Is there a way I can check version on some file to see?

Not exactly. You can use git describe or git show to figure out what commit your’re on and then compare that to the commit history. git describe will tell you if you are on a tag if you are on one.

Thanks, sorry, I am a n00b when it comes to the whole git thing…but I am learning! :smile:
It shows I am on version 0.03 still.

No worries.

I hope to push 0.04 next week so you can just hang tight for a bit. Starting with 0.03 the installation method changed in a way that makes it unusually hard to get onto master, unfortunately. Off hand I dont even remember how to do it.

I’ll try to remember to post here again when 0.04 is up.

HAHA! If you can’t remember, I’m not even going to mess with it! :slight_smile: I will wait for 0.04 and give it a try. Thanks for the replies on the weekend!