Domain key for TXT record

Where do I find the domain key mentioned here?

This is the second domain, it’s not the primary one, and it’s using external DNS servers.

Copy it from the Custom External DNS page of MIAB and create a TXT record for it at your DNS host.

On the custom dns page of MiaB that domain is not mentioned at all.

Apologies. External DNS page.

You are looking at it. The 5 lines of text to the right hand side …

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wait, so the DNS entry is actually named
I thought I was supposed to change the domainkey value.

Yes, when using an external DNS.

In your DNS add a TXT record:

Sub-domain Domain TXT data
mail._domainkey v=DKIM1…

At least this is how it is laid out on my DNS screen.

The key value is the long string. (Copied from the external DNS page in MIAB). Be sure it is all accepted in the input box (“TXT data”).

You can check that the key is correctly set with the following terminal command:

dig +short TXT

Which should return the key as you see it on the external DNS page.

What is a DKIM record.

That’s correct. The actual key is on the right hand side.

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