Domain aliases allowing delivery though virtual mailbox does not exist

I’ve just noticed that I’ve got some new user mailboxes which I never created. When I look into the messages, I see that they were addressed to one of my secondary domains that I host on my box, for which I have a domain alias to the primary domain.

To be clear, I have in my aliases: forwards to

But in the list of aliases in @primary-domain, I do not have an alias like But the box is still letting mail through to joe and in fact it’s delivering it to a new mailbox with full dovecot folder structure that I never created. I’ve tested sending to and the mail is not delivered and I see “User unknown in virtual mailbox table” in the mail.log. But if I test send to, it seems that due to the domain alias, it lets mail actually be delivered to

In the past, I’ve seen the error “User unknown in virtual mailbox table” which is what I expected in this case. However, the behaviour seems to have changed at some point along the way.

I also now see a mailbox for which I never recall seeing until very recently (0.18 upgrade?).

Any ideas?

Has anyone else noticed this type of behaviour? It keeps happening.

Yeah that’s weird. I just tried it myself. There’s a similar problem with catch-all’s and even regular aliases. Once an alias matches at all, no matter what address it eventually maps to it’s delivered - regardless of whether there’s a user account for that address or not.

Thanks for posting about this (twice!).

Let’s continue here:

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  • Provided patch seems that at least, kills the owncloud login for default admin user right after been manually applied…
  • Restoring to the earlier dovecot-sql.conf.ext file solves the mentioned owncloud login issue.

Can you reproduce the mentioned owncloud login issue at your end, too?

Please continue in the github issue.