Does mailinabox is ready for production?

Hi All,

Just found MIAB.

I currently using cPanel hosting with build-in email around 150 accounts.

If I want to host my own email server, could I know if MIAB is ready for production email server?

Yes, the project is many years old at this point with >10K or >20k install base, depending on whose metric you are looking at.

Of course, you should install it before migrating and test to verify it has all of the features you require.

Yes, and no.

But first, may I ask why you would want to move the email from cPanel to MiaB?

If you were to undertake such a task, I would do some things differently than are shown in the default installation guide.

I would ABSOLUTELY set up secondary DNS for the MiaB hostname. The way that cPanel works with DNS will be a potential nightmare for you - so again I would first like to know why you are considering setting up your own mail server. Honestly, there may be better options available to you.

I use cPanel shared hosting.

Another reason is cPanel need to buy license and cPanel not dedicate for email server, it’s hosting panel.

So you are currently using cPanel but only for hosting email accounts, correct?

How active are those 150 accounts? How much storage is involved? Are the users heavy web mail users or do they utilize IMAP/SMTP/POP?

And most importantly, what is your budget?

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