Does mail in a box setup use any database system?


I am planning to install a mail inbox setup by following the steps mentioned in git.
Do I need to install any database system for that ?
As long as I know, mail in a box is using roundcube and RoundCube by default uses SQL, do i need to install sql as pre-request as part of the installation process.


pls can you guide me on this … if you have any idea.

No, absolutely not. Everything needed by MiaB is installed as a part of the installation process. The user needs and should not install anything outside of what is installed by the script.

That said, users (myself included) also install certain other utilities and software. For instance I install pflogsumm to give me reports based on the mail log entries. I also install Webmin for easy access to the server with a GUI. Neither of these things are needed nor do they interfere with MiaB.

And regarding databases - MiaB uses SQLite.

The MIAB installation is really quite straightforward and well documented. Once you have selected where you are going to set your box up (I personally use Digital Ocean, but others use Linode with great success, and @alento has some recommendations as well) you just have to walk through the setup guide:

One thing that I will note is that the setup script has EVERYTHING you need, so don’t get a resource with any preinstalled apps or whatever (Including a LAMP/LEMP stack…the set up script will handle all that). Just provision your VPS, set up your login credentials as noted in the setup guide and run the script.

If something goes wrong after that, post questions here and people will be happy to help.

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