Does Mail-in-a-Box list support mailing lists?

I’m moving my mailserver from a Qmail Toaster install to Mail-in-a-Box. One feature which I’d like to keep from that is simple mailing lists. Is anyone using MiaB for such purposes?

I can get the same functionality with a series of tools/ commands, but was wondering if someone had put together a wrapper script or something like that.


Hey Dave

it’s not that easy, i have had lots of trouble, but maybe this could help: Does someone extent miab with mailman.


Cheers h8h, that is a great writeup!

I’ll follow that guide and see how it goes.



I know this is an older thread, but how did the mailman install work out for you? I love MiaB, but the one lacking feature is a good mailing list setup. I am tempted to give the mailman option shown above a shot, but would love to hear your experience in doing it. Has it worked out as well as you had hoped?

Hi PortableTech,

I only had a single small mailing list to deal with, with a fairly static membership list. So I ended up just setting it up manually, and not using mailman.

Sorry that I can’t shed any more light on the situation.


I am somewhat in the same boat as you, but the list is a list of 240 owners, and at times renters in our community. As such it does get a bit bigger. I could certainly do it in the MiaB interface, but the two issues I see is that I can only enter email addresses in the list, no other identifying information, and additionally only someone who is a full admin can do this task and the person I would like to be able to manage the list is not someone I want to be a full server admin.

Guess it is time to start tinkering. is a nice Mailing List and doesn’t blow miab up in a way mailman does. I had to do many odd things to my box to get mailman working and a friend of mine extend his box with mlmmj and spend only 2 hours of his life time to get everything working.

Maybe I open up an issue to bring mlmmj to miab …

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

Sure, open an issue on github. I may not look right away but it’s good to keep track of it there.

Looks like there has been some work on a web front end for it as well. Nothing fancy, but could prob be integrated into MiaB’s admin interface.

@PortableTech nice … I’ve opened up an issue, see #461

Is it possible to implement myself? If I just follow the instructions on the Will I run into miab blocking it from working? (just asking bc when I tried to run a wsgi flask python app and it turned out pretty impossible) Thank you :slight_smile: I am all new to this so excuse if whatever answer is painfully obvious :))

I think that you’d be much better off using something in active development to be quite honest. Sendy or Mailtrain come to mind but there are others.