Doco on system updates displayed in System Status Checks

Howdy, I know I have read the doco on what to do to update the suggested packages under System Status Checks. Normally, on an ubuntu server I would at the shell run: apt-get install <package_name>.

Is this the same and does someone have a link to the doco page where I can read this myself? I watched the MIAB video again just in case it is covered my issue there but no luck.

Maybe the box.hostname.tld/admin Software Packages Show More could have a little reminder of the exact syntax.

I don’t want to do something at the systems level in MIAB I can’t back out of.

Please advise.

OK I found it:

Sorry about the noise.

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That’s right-ish. Log in with SSH and then run sudo apt-get upgrade.

I’ll add a new FAQ on system maintenance when I get a chance.

I’ve posted a new guide: